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The tory behind Flora Danica (Danish only)

by Henning Knudsen

The story of Flora Danica is the tale of the most comprehensive and ambitious flora ever published. By the middle of the 18th Century, the enlightenment was at its peak. Philosophy and natural sciences had favourable conditions during the reign of Frederik V, who decided, that all the plants in the king’s realm and the use of them were to be described in one large work: Flora Danica. A thorough knowledge of the flora would help to exploit the local resources for the general benefit of the country.

The book is very elegant and informative with many illustrations of the Flora Danica drawings. A beautiful and decorative book for the coffee table or bookshelf.

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Flora Danica bog

Fortællingen om Flora Danica er en smuk og elegant bog. Fascinerende illustrationer af den danske flora. En smuk og elegant bog at have liggende fremme.