Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy hvad betyder flora

At Flora D, we are protecting your personal information and therefore your contact information will be treated confidentially, and will only be disclosed to a third party in connection with a delivery of your order. In addition to this, we will never register your personal information, nor will we pass on any forms of third parties or unauthorized persons.

When you are active on Flora D's web shop, information about you is collected via our website. For example, this information may be collected in conjunction with a purchase, signing up for our newsletter, signing up for contests, or when your information is stored in "My Account" in our web shop.

Such information will be used solely by Flora D itself and will only be used to optimize our marketing, as well as to process your orders so that we can always provide you with the best service possible.

When we collect information from you, we always treat them with the utmost care, and we always ensure that you will be informed about this, as well as what information is collected and what the purpose of this is. You will always have to agree that Flora D may use your information before being collected, and we will never do this without your permission.

You are always entitled to gain access to the information registered with you and to object to your registration. If you have questions about this or want insight into the information registered about you, you can always contact

When you shop at Flora D, your account information will be encrypted when making a purchase. This is done using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is the leading security method for transactions with PBS. This makes your card information safe and we guarantee that they will not be available to unauthorized persons, or any third party.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that we store on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognise the computer. A cookie contains text only, is not a program, and does not contain viruses.

We use cookies at Flora D, with the intention of constantly developing and improving our website so that you always get the best possible visit. For example, cookies may remember what you've added to a shopping cart if you have previously visited the page, if you are logged in and which language and currency you would like to see on the website.

Cookies are also used to optimize our marketing to best suit your needs.

Du kan via din browser sætte din computer til at notificere dig, når en hjemmeside anvender cookies, så du skal godkende disse. Vær dog opmærksom på at Flora D’s hjemmeside kun fungerer, hvis du godkender vores cookies. Du kan dog til en hver tid slette dem efter dit besøg, hvilket kan gøres via din browser.

Log statistics

We use Google Analytics for log statistics at, which means we collect information in our statistics system. The log statistics are only used for the purpose of optimizing our webshop.

We comply with applicable EU legislation in this area. As a customer at Flora D, you always have the right to receive your data. hvad betyder flora