About us

What is Flora D?

Idéen har fra start været at tage udgangspunkt i den historie som Flora Danica indeholder. Vi finder stor inspiration i planterne, deres elegance and aesthetics can be transferred to modern and contemporary products while retaining the unique image material of the original drawings. We try to use the floral motifs in an innovative and creative way in our designs, with the greatest respect for the original illustrations. All flowers depicted on our products originate from Flora Danica, and no other illustrations may be used. This has resulted in a number of feminine products with a modern design, while respecting the classic and timeless Flora Danica prints.

Vi forsøger at udfordre blomstermotiverne på en nyskabende og kreativ måde i vores design, med stor respekt for de originale illustrationer. Alle blomster på vores produkter er fra Flora Danica og ingen andre illustrationer må benyttes. Dette har resulteret i en række feminine produkter, der har et moderne design, men som samtidig respekterer de klassiske og tidsløse Flora Danica prints.


Who is Flora D?

Flora D is a new Danish brand. As the name insinuates, we have found inspiration in the drawings of Flora Danica and the beautiful illustrations of the Danish flora, which is the key element of our designs and products. We are passionate about our materials and products being of the highest quality, which is why our collection of scarves is made from genuine silk, cashmere wool, and modal.

The team behind Flora D is a good mix of young creative powers and people with extensive experience. All designs and all products are the result of the thoughts and hard work of professional Danish designers and graphic designers.