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Flora D Silkepaper

Flora D og Flora Danica

Flowers are the story of love. When nature effortlessly and generously enjoys the world and colors the seasons. 

The designs of Flora D are inspired by original Flora Danica drawings. In between 1761 and 1883, Danish wild flowers and plants were drawn and categorised on 3,240 engraved copper plates to be used in this encompassing botanical encyclopaedia. We have rediscovered these treasures and we were allowed to sit in a locked room at the national library to view the many beautiful prints. With love, care, and the utmost respect, we have used images from the original copper prints, while also re-designing selected illustrations to create a new modern image. The products offered by Flora D are modern designs that carry the heritage of the past. True to the Flora D spirit, the products are made of natural materials such as silk, wool, and modal.  Scarf Purchase

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